Flag Materials

Flag World Company. meticulously weaves every fabric with delicacy. We regulate the quality of fabrics and choose the best ones for manufacturing. We have the best fabric materials to make your flags and banners last for a long time. Our outdoor flags use a diversity of top quality materials, styles and sizes to make them withstand time and the wear and tear of everyday usage. We offer you the best selection of materials in the world

Our flags have an assortment of sizes and styles depending on what you require. We have them made of different fabric materials. All our flags are made entirely in the USA.

Here is a few of them:


This is the most popular fabric for flags. It gives you the best quality of radiant colors, and is lightweight enough to fly in the lightest draft. The material is a thick 200 Denier nylon weave fabric which is known for its durability against the forces of nature.

Available for all the U.S FlagsWorld FlagsState FlagsMilitary FlagsHistorical Flags and some Specialty or Novelty Flags.


Polyester has a long resistance to high wind backgrounds.  Our polyester flags are made of a 2-ply spun woven material with an open weave which makes them highly resistant to fabric stress. The fabric is long-lasting and is a popular selection for flags that are intended to fly throughout the year

Available for all the U.S FlagsState FlagsMilitary Flags and some Specialty or Novelty Flags.


This is for flags intended for indoor usage. The fabric has a rich smoothness and form.

Available only for the U.S. Flag.


A silk-like polyester material mainly used on our stick/desktop flags.

Available for all our miniature 4″ x 6″ &  8″ x 12″ U.S Flags, World Flags, State Flags, Military Flags, Historical Flags, Some Sports Flags and all Specialty or Novelty Flags.

Please note that not all of our flags are available in all materials. Browse through our product categories to see what materials are available for the flag you are interested in. Any questions, please give us a call (1-303-993-0097) (M-S 8:30 – 6:00 MST) or you can e-mail us at info@flagworldinc.com.

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