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The American flag symbolizes harmony and power to our nation. The colors are red to signify resoluteness and determination, white for pureness and blue for acuity, righteousness and persistence. It serves as an encouragement and source of pride to every American. Our flag has been an exceptional figure of national history and has been around for more than 200 years.

On New Year’s Day 1776, the Continental army led by George Washington beset Boston to which the British forces had taken over. Washington’s army arranged for the Grand Union flag to be raised directly above his campsite. The flag had 13 stripes of red and white and had the embroidered British Union Jack in the left hand angle. In May of the same year, Betsy Ross conveyed that she had embroidered the initial American flag. During the following year, congress conceded to officiate the national flag with thirteen stripes of alternative red and white and resolved to have thirteen stars demonstrating the new proclaimed nation. There were several acts passed the succeeding years changing the shape, arrangement and design of the flag. In 1794, the flag was spun with 15 stripes and stars. And in the year 1818, one star for every acclaimed state was introduced to the flag every celebration on the 4th of July. In 1912, the star arrangement was in six horizontal rows to which in the subsequent years to come, was embroidered with seven rows. In 1959, the stars were then changed to seven rows of seven stars each line. And lastly, had nine rows of alternate stars horizontally and eleven alternate rows vertically.

Currently, our flag has seven red and six white stripes alternating which makes a total of thirteen stripes. Each signifies the colonies of the country and the fifty stars epitomize the fifty states of the Union.

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