Jolly Roger /Skull

Flag World Company has the perfect Skull & Cross-bone flags or Jolly Roger flags, and Pirate flags for you. To fit our customers needs these decorative flags comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Our pirate flags are available for school projects, boats, motorcycles, Halloween and other occasions.
Customers can choose between 3 different materials for such flags, nylon, triple-knit polyester, and standard polyester. The nylon flags are the most durable of all materials we sell here, therefore they are best for outdoor use and if you choose to use them for indoors you can do so. The triple-knit material flags are mostly suitable for indoor use but can be flown outdoors.
Besides flags, we also carry the skull & cross-bone in decorative banners, patches, pins, stickers, windsocks, and pennants. We have something for everyone.
Because they want to strike fear into the hearts of their victims, pirates used to fly the Jolly Roger flags on their ships. All of our Jolly Roger flags are finished with canvas headings and two metal grommets. 
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