U.S Flag Code

Every nation has a flag and every flag has a code. A flag code is a rule about handling and caring for the flag every citizen of the specific nation should follow. It is the citizen’s’ responsibilities to protect, guard, and respect their national flag. The Federal Flag code, Public Law 94-344, consists of rules and policies on how the citizens should handle and display the US flag. Once found that an individual didn’t abide by the rules, he could be penalized according to the degree of the offense.  This code only shows that the flag is a highly valuable symbol, which should be respected and given care. Burning a flag was also unconstitutional according to the law.

A National flag should never be soaked, should never be used as a dress, bedding, curtains, and it should never be used for advertising whether it is printed or embroidered. Anyone who disrespects the flag should be imprisoned or fined due to its action toward the national flag. But if the flag has been accidentally burned and has reached its retirement, wherein it has all worn out and cannot be sewn, no one can be held liable for the damage. The flag should be respected at any cost by its citizens and not to be abused and disrespected. 

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