Color Chart

When customizing, color is a big defining factor as well as the design. When you want an item to be personalized, make sure to use the right mix of colors that appeal to everyone’s eyes.

Sometimes mixing of colors can be confusing. And when you think that you got the right mix, you noticed that you only made a huge mess. To avoid mixing uncomplimentary colors, using a color chart is the best solution.

Mixing and matching colors takes time, especially if you don’t have any experience in designing and painting. With color charts, you have a reference to check what colors complement each other—making your task easier and simpler.

Do you have an item you want to be personalized? Create your own design and make sure that your color choices are appealing. Be bold and express in your design what you really want to see in the item. You can also refer to our color charts below for reference.

The colors that you see in your screen may appear different than their actual color. Don’t worry, every design will be printed out in Pantone matching system to get the actual color of your original design. You can also check our Pantone color chart to ensure that you pick the right color. Press the color of your choice to see an enlarged photo. Flag World will not be held liable for any mistaken color that you pick.

Now, once you have your design done, send it to us and we are glad to have it personalized for you.

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